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Plug-in Panel

The original! Developed based on the needs of the semiconductor industry in 2005, the TBC plug-in panelboard/switchboard product was conceived by combining the safety and design features of our TBC cast resin busway. TBC’s plug-in panelboard can be installed, expanded, modified and maintained without having to shutdown power and is suitable for applications and industries that require 24/7 uninterrupted power. The provisional or spare plug-in slots can be designed ahead of project commencement to accommodate for future expansions and to minimize downtime. The panel is easily configurable & expandable to serve as PDU, RPP, MCC; or to include metering/monitoring capabilities. TBC own twenty-six (26) design Patents for the various aspects of this plug-in panel product. Others may copy this product, but they cannot imitate our technology!

Product Features:

  • rated voltage up to 690V

  • current rating 250-5000A

  • up to 90 poles outgoing circuits

  • IP20 rated busbars

  • Class F (155 deg C) insulation material


  • compact product design/footprint

  • quick & easy installations & expansions

  • hot swappable

  • low total installed cost (maintenance & modifications)

  • flexible & customizable plug-in MCB/MCCB units

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