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Continuous Plug-In Busway

With over a decade’s experience in design and manufacturing cutting-edge power distribution systems, TBC has continued to develop innovative solutions to serve the unique requirements of our IT/mission critical customers. 


Based on the industry’s need for safe and reliable power distribution, TBC have incorporated our patented hot-pluggable design and technology in our new Continuous Plug-in Busway + Plug-in Units (PIU) solution. 


The compact busway size, and its low EMC, overcomes space constraints in server rooms and allows designers to run power distribution in closer proximity to the other IT equipment, and providing safe & flexible power delivery to each server rack.

Product Features:

  • 250-3200A

  • up to 2000A within the bussduct housing

  • fully insulated busbars

  • Class F (155 deg C) insulation material

  • finger-safe (IP20) plug-in openings

  • safe, flexible & customizable busway & plug-in units

    • 16, 32, 63A MCB​ (SP or TP)


  • compact product footprint/size (space saving)

  • low EMF/EMC

  • hot swappable plug-in units

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