Innovative Products & Solutions that Provide Operational Cost Savings


母線槽 / 匯流排
  • Feeder busway (outdoor)

    • IP68 Ingress protection

    • fire resistant​

  • Distribution busway (indoor)

  • Continuous plug-in busway &    plug-in units

  • Busway monitoring system & BCMS

  • DC-rated busway

  • MV bus (up to 17.5kV)

熱插式 插入盤
  • MCCB panelboards

  • MCB lighting panels

  • Motor control centers (MCC)

  • Power distribution units (PDU)

  • Remote power panels (RPP)

  • Site surveys & measurement

  • Retrofit busway designs

  • Installation, commissioning & testing services

  • Energy management audits

  • Preventive & Predictive maintenance

  • Retro-commissioining analysis



TBC was established in 2002 with the premise of delivering premium quality busway systems and services to our customers. Through the years, we were able to distinguish ourselves as the preferred busway supplier with an excellent reputation for reliable product quality, timely delivery, and meeting our commitments. As the company progressed, we continued to develop new product designs and solutions through our extensive R&D efforts and to further refine our products/technologies.

At TBC, we recognize that our customers have their own unique needs & requirements for their specific projects or applications. We take pride in our ability to develop/customize our product designs and to provide a Solution that best fit the end-user needs. The Value that we provide:​

  1. Safe & reliable products through innovative designs

  2. Responsive service support

  3. Low total cost of ownership - installed cost & operational cost savings

TBC is fully positioned to continue serving our growing customer base and here to support their operational requirements & challenges.





... 還有很多!



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Taiwan Busway Co., Ltd. (TBC)

Taoyuan, Taiwan R.O.C.


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